About us

The BEYOND MUSIC platform and the BEYOND MUSIC PROJECT were launched by the Swiss BEYOND FOUNDATION. Established in 2007 by Regula and Beat Curti, the BEYOND FOUNDATION is a registered non-profit organization supporting causes that contribute to cultural understanding in the world through a universally understood language – music. Our aim is to foster cross-cultural dialog and understanding through awareness, mutual respect and creativity. 
Many global challenges the modern world is facing stem from perceived differences in culture and belief, race and gender. The BEYOND FOUNDATION supports citizens from all around the globe that seek to unite humankind with the help of creativity, diversity and music. 

The BEYOND MUSIC platform is a non-commercial entity which provides a digital space for musicians from all cultural backgrounds to come together, inspire each other and collaborate in musical innovation. We strive to leverage the digitalized world we live in to create compassion and unity without the confines of corporate pressure in regard to record sales and ad revenue. 

Become a part of BEYOND MUSIC and encourage cross-cultural understanding. Bring tolerance in action for a united world where we do not only coexist, but strive to communicate and collaborate peacefully.

The image above shows Regula Curti, founder of the BEYOND FOUNDATION, holding a Swiss megaphone. This represents our call to promote cross-cultural understanding and unity.  

We invite everyone to answer this call and share our vision. Plant seeds for an inspirational and diverse world! 



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