Mark Warburton Drums


I have played drums for most of my life and for the last 15 years have worked with the likes of Gloria Gaynor, Curtis Harding, Glen Nicholls, Kyla Brox, The Osmonds, Susan Boyle, Jonathan Ansell, Lucien Barbarin, Phil Manzanera, Andy Prior, Tamra Keenan, The Swing Commanders, Jive Aces, Future Funk Squad and The Goodbye Plot.

I have toured all over the world as a session drummer performing throughout Europe including three performances at Glastonbury Festival in the UK, Pitchfork Festival in Paris, New Fall Festival in Germany, Floralia Festival in Holland, Satisfaxion Festival in Spain, Pop Komm in Berlin, Rendezvous Festival in France, Enjoy Jazz Festival in Germany, TM Base Festival in Romania and Beautiful Days Festival in UK. 

Experienced in TV work, I’ve performed on the BBC, ITV and TV in America and Europe.
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Cybèle is a deity of Phrygian origin, adopted by the Greeks and Romans, personifying the wilderness. She is presented as "Magna Mater" for the Romans, Great Goddess, Mother Goddess or even Mother of the gods. She is one of the greatest ancient goddesses in the Near East. I learnt about Cybele while working with volunteers of Cybele Planete an ecological NGO from France . One day during a March for the planet I had the inspiration to make this song . Cybele in imagery rides a lion and reminds of the goddess Durga of Indian culture . I find her power impressive and the song has the feeling of people marching with her to the heart of Nature , protecting it enjoying it . Its my first foray into French songs as well keeping base of Indian folk and classical music . The song has given spanish color by Mariana Baraj with her magical voice and percussions . Mark Warburton gives magical marching energy with his Drums , brightening up the whole song . Sandro with his flutes and amazing mixing skills brings amazing colors and balance to the entire song . Thanks beyond for this amazing oppurtunity to create such magical songs . May it enlighten the world and move it into heart of nature .
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  • Pinkillo
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This is a fusion of EDM, Classical, Pop and Alternative music. The song talks about the true savers of our Earth which are Humans. The novel pandemic revealed to us our true selves. Essential and Health workers who where brave and courageous in the front-line of confronting this global scare is a highlight of the heroic evidence of Humans. Nations donated repeatedly to the aid of other nations. Humans coming out en-mass to support the Black Lives Matter Movement from all works of life, color, decent and culture is yet another substantial proof that in solidarity, Humans and Humans alone are capable of making Earth a better place for all Humans.
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Earth Cry
“Earth Cry”. The song is one of massive contrasts. “The screaming planet” It starts with the over-driven lead guitar screaming out in anger. It intermittently screams in protest throughout the song right at the point of distortion. “The harmonious planet”. The piano and strings on the other hand, portray a very mellow planet working in perfect harmony. “The dependable Planet”. The jazzy rhythm guitar portrays mother earth as, dependable and solid. It is consistent in temperament and volume, even while the lead guitar is screaming in protest, the rhythm guitar does the opposite, restoring harmony and balance. It also plays a major part in connecting the 3 different cultures by rhythmic variations and groove. “The volatile planet”. This is when the lead, drums, strings etc. all build up to boiling point. Natty, tells the story to perfection with loads of emotion. Mark is rock solid as he drives the group, adding tasty fills and crisp cymbal work. The artists and instruments unite in an “Earth Cry”. Three strangers, from different countries and cultures, speaking one language called, “Music”. Please enjoy our humble offering.
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