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04 November 2019

Introducing the musical theme for the Beyond Music Project Vol. 2

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Seeking the Songs for the Planet


Our planet is suffering in many ways. As a global community we see it from different angles. When you share your own point of view musically, it increases consciousness, urges action, transforms and heals.


We are searching for music pieces:

Folk songs, pop and rock songs, instrumental pieces, protest songs, ode to beauty, ballads, chants, choir music, gospel songs and hymns that range from the solitary voice to the communal voice, from anger to hope, from lament to joy.


This is a place of connection, dialogue and debate. It encompasses a plurality of cultures and styles that require constant translation. It is a testing ground of comprehension, ideas, poetry and music.
The music piece must be created by at least two artists from our network and has to be intercultural and cross-genre.
We can't wait to hear all your musical ideas! Let the second round of the Beyond Music Project begin!
For the timeline and further information please see the menu item About the Project
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