" Be the change, you want to see in the world"

Mahatma Gandhi


Beyond Music provides a space for artists of all cultures and backgrounds to inspire each other and collaborate in musical innovation. In this spirit of unity, we strive to create a world of togetherness through a language that is understood across all borders: music. Artists are encouraged to work together, in tune with the core values of Beyond Music: mutual inspiration, compassion, dialog and diversity.

Independent of the selection of artists invited to participate in the album recordings of the Beyond Music Project, the Beyond Foundation regularly honors outstanding collaborative works submitted to the Beyond Music Project with the Creativity Award, endowed with 4,000 US dollars per awarded composition.

Please note: Starting with the 3rd Creativity Award we will increase the prize money to 5,000 US dollars. You can find all information about it here.

"We award prizes to collaborations that demonstrate a passion for creativity and musical versatility, that embody the spirit and values of Beyond Music in an outstanding way," says Regula Curti, Founder of Beyond Foundation. The winning teams will be informed by email and will be presented on the Beyond Music platform.




For the 2nd Creativity Award, the Beyond Foundation has chosen the collaboration "Uivo de Lamento", a work by the artists Senhora do Ó from Portugal, Raushan Orazbayeva from Kazakhstan and SinaUbi Zawose from Tanzania. 
The song combines instruments from different cultures, unknown ancient sounds and modern technology in an innovative way. The song begins with the pressing lament of the earth in the form of the howling of the wolf, symbolized by the old Kazakh string instrument Kyl-Kobyz. It is a wonderful multicultural fusion with strong voices and an earthy rhythm that leaves room for fantasy. The animals speak to the people, which nourishes the longing for reunion with nature. You can feel the message of the song in every cell of your body. The three artists have musically implemented their central idea in a very appealing way: "Now we have the opportunity to combine the best of the past and the best of technological innovation and embark on a journey into a world that serves everyone".
We are impressed and award 4,000 US dollars to the team of "Uivo de Lamento". Congratulations!

Uivo de Lamento
It is time to let go of the last lament. And let it sound in unison, human and animal, from the top of the most explored mountain, to the most burned tropical forest, passing through all the plasticizing seas and rivers. Plasticized also proves to be the world economy driven by capitalism that does not reward equality in this so-called, Animal Kingdom. Plasticized is also humanity and all its extraordinary existence, when subjected to this very recent invention in the entire history of the Kingdom. It is time to redesign economic systems so that they really serve people and the planet. Systems of biological inspiration and transformative innovation that fit the concept of regenerative cultures. To preserve and foster regional cultures and make new laws based on indigenous and aboriginal knowledge, which we all know can teach us a lot about how to live for many years without destroying the local ecosystem. Now we have the opportunity to mix the best of the past and the best of technological innovation, and move towards a world that serves everyone. This song also represents this dialogue, with Sina Ubi, a young musician from Tanzania very close to the ancient repertoire of his culture, and Raushan, from Kazakhstan, playing the shamanic instrument Kyl Kobyz, made with horsehair has a lively and natural sound, considered magical reproducing the wolf's fantastic howl. It was this instrument that ended up giving the definitive title to the song.
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The Beyond Foundation is pleased to present the 1st Creativity Award to the collaboration "Kijanisha the Planet (Regreen the Planet)", which was created by three artists: Anna Kattoa from Tanzania, Nic Lagasse from Canada and Msafiri Zawose from Tanzania. 

"Kijanisha the Planet (Regreen the Planet)" is about the need to be aware of environmental destruction, but not to remain in shock and grief. The song is calling on you to take action to protect nature and do something about it!

We find the melody and rhythm stirring and the beat uplifting. Building up the song with more and more instruments creates a high energy. You feel the journey between Canada and Tanzania. We like the strong voices of Anna and Msafiri and the great performance of Nic. The Beyond Foundation is happy for the team of "Kijanisha the Planet (Regreen the Planet)".  They will receive 4.000 US dollars for their collaboration.

Kijanisha the Planet (Regreen the Planet)
This song is a call to reconnect with nature and regreen the planet. The lyrics speak of dire environmental issues, but the music will make you want to dance. There's no need to sit around being sad about the world - grab a shovel, plant a seed and groove! The roots of the composition are Msafiri Zawose and Anna Kattoa's impassioned vocals. The song then travelled back and forth between Tanzania and Canada as more instruments were added, growing slowly and steadily like a tree.
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