The Creativity Awards

"Be the change, you want to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi

All Winners

  • 6th Creativity Award

    • Winning Song "Our World is blue"

      The Beyond Foundation presents the 6th Creativity Award to the song "Our world is blue". It was created by 14 artists, which means a record number of collaborators coming from ten countries: Germany, Cameroon, Switzerland, USA, Denmark, India, Italy, Zambia, England and Austria.
      "Our world is blue" is a declaration of love to our blue planet. It describes the beauty of our world in colorful pictures and is nevertheless critical. This song should remind people of the unique but fragile beauty of our world. 

      We are very happy for the 14 artists! The team will receive 5,000 US dollar as prize money.

    • Involved Artists

      Joerg Schnabel Composition, Lyrics, Producer, Engineer, Arrangement, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Keyboards, Background Vocals
      Kate Northrop Lyrics, Celtic Harp
    • Jury Statement

      A lot of work has gone into this collaboration. The artists invested many arrangements and a lot of coordination work. Our project theme "songs for the planet" is wonderfully realized with the lyrics. The melody is touching and moves us. The whole song is musically and instrumentally very professionally executed. Through the different languages the artists express our idea of intercultural connection very well and unite all different cultures of their collaboration.

  • 5th Creativity Award

    • Winning Song "Sí ndôn"

      We are happy to present the 5th Creativity Award for the song "Sí ndôn". Six artists from Cameroon, Switzerland and Germany/Senegal have collaborated in a vocal and instrumental virtuoso manner.

      "Sí ndôn" means "The Planet" in the Ewondo language from Cameroon. The song is a conversation between God and human being about how they feel to live on the planet, and in return they give thanks to God for creating the world and all its precious wonders.

      We warmly congratulate the artists and award 5,000 US dollars for the team.

    • Involved Artists

      Jean Louis Mbe singer,songwriter and arranger
      Conny Schneider saxophonist and trumpeter
      Bibiane Sadey Background vocals
      Ben Bossambo Bassist,composer and arranger
      Francis MBE Composer and Arranger
    • Jury Statement

      The dialogue between God and the human being is passionate and exciting. The divine, omnipresent power that protects our planet is honoured with distinctive gospel elements, combined with Rock and Pop: "What would life on Earth looks like without you Lord?" The rhythm is very moving and invites you to dance. The saxophone and trumpet tones run like fanfares through the music piece. In the middle part a powerful guitar is convincing.

  • 4th Creativity Award

    • Winning Song "Dreamer"

      With great pleasure the Beyond Foundation announces the winners of the 4th Creativity Award, the collaboration "Dreamer". The song was created by three artists from Tanzania, Russia/Switzerland and Denmark.

      "Dreamer" is about the children and young people of Planet Earth, whose innocence, hopes and dreams are in danger of being shattered by all the destructive forces in societies.

      We are moved and heartily congratulate. The team of three will receive 3,000 US dollars for their collaboration.

    • Involved Artists

      Randy'd'dawn Song Writer, Performer, Rapper
      Sasha (Alexander) Shlain Producer, Engineer
      Bernitt Composer, Violinist, Producer,
    • Jury Statement

      The artists have ventured to combine classical instrumental and electronic sounds with modern Hip Hop/Rap. Africa meets Europe with the stirring message "a cry for the children and youth of planet earth". A hypnotic refrain, spoken like a mantra, hammers into our consciousness. "Everything that you can do in your heart, you can do... What does it take to be a dreamer?". The lyrics hit the nerve of the theme, provoking and injecting a sense of urgency in contrast to a quiet sound carpet of improvised violin and piano pieces.

  • 3rd Creativity Award

    • Winning Song "Meadow"

      The Beyond Foundation is pleased to present the winners of the 3rd Creativity Award. The winning song is "Meadow" which was created by five artists from Argentina, Israel, Switzerland and Cameroon.

      "Meadow" is a love letter from humanity to nature. The song expresses how we enjoy the benefits of nature, but also our regret about how our actions endanger nature. The song is dedicated to all the animals and the nature that have become extinct through human activity.

      Congratulations! The prize money for the team is 5,000 US dollars.

    • Involved Artists

      Dyllann Lead Vocal, Composition, English Lyrics, Arrangement
      Mariana Baraj Spanish Lyrics; Lead Vocals; Composition
      Environmentalist Compsotion, Piano
      David Stauffacher Percussion, Mix , Arrangement, Piano, Bass
      anat porat Lead Vocal, Backing Vocals; English Lyrics, Composition
    • Jury Statement

      "Meadow" is a song that carries a clearly defined and deep message. The solo voices have a beautiful and understandable diction and radiate love for humanity, embedded in the background voices. The Caribbean rhythm is uplifting and gives hope. The music touches with the authenticity of the performers and their clear message. It is a simple song which has a great impact. It shows that less is more!

  • Corona Special Award

    • Winning Song "Si Ghan"

      The Beyond Foundation has decided to give an additional Corona Special Award in these challenging times for all artists. It is a true gift that we have each other, even though we have to stay at home at the moment, and that we can continue to work together so powerfully.
      The song "Si Ghan" is the result of the collaboration of five artists from the Netherlands, Syria, Japan, India and Cameroon. The song is about the children who breathe the air we leave behind. It's time to make sure that the air is clean for every living being on Earth.

      We are happy with you! The team will receive 5,000 US dollars as prize money.

    • Involved Artists

      Elly Kellner Composition, English lyrics & arrangement, lead- and backing vocals, electric guitar, bass, mix
      Nezar Omran Trumpet & arrangement
      Yuji Nakagawa Sarangi & arrangement
      bhoomitra Indian vocal improvisation
      Dyllann Drumbeat, African lyrics & arrangement, lead- and backing vocals
    • Jury Statement

      "Si Ghan" has chosen the lovely child voice of the six-year-old Roos Marijn from the Netherlands as entry voice. She touches us deeply and takes us with her. The music covers a broad spectrum of the world from Japan, India, Africa, Syria to Europe. This song also captivates us with its simplicity, clear message, amazing voices, good rhythm, and the interaction of various instruments including the Sarangi, an original instrument used in India and Pakistan.

  • 2nd Creativity Award

    • Winning Song "Uivo de Lamento"

      For the 2nd Creativity Award, the Beyond Foundation has chosen the collaboration "Uivo de Lamento", a work by three artists from Portugal, Kazakhstan and Tanzania.

      The song is about a joint lament of humans and animals and the desire to move towards a world that serves everyone. "Uivo de Lamento" combines instruments from different cultures, unknown ancient sounds and modern technology in an innovative way. The song begins with the pressing lament of the earth in the form of the howling of the wolf, symbolized by the old Kazakh string instrument Kyl-Kobyz.

      We are impressed and award 4,000 US dollars to the team of "Uivo de Lamento".

    • Involved Artists

      Senhora do Ó Composer, Arranger, Portuguese Lyrics, Lead Vocal, Harmony Voice, Chants, Swahili Choir, Percussions (Singing Bowl, Adufe, Shaker, Shells), Virtual Instruments, Production
      SinaUbi Zawose Composer, Swahili Lyrics, Lead Swahili Vocal, Harmony Swahili Choir, Zeze
      Raushan Orazbayeva Composetr, Kyl Kobyz
    • Jury Statement

      The song is a wonderful multicultural fusion with strong voices and an earthy rhythm that leaves room for fantasy. The animals speak to the people, which nourishes the longing for reunion with nature. You can feel the message of the song in every cell of your body. The three artists have musically implemented their central idea in a very appealing way: "Now we have the opportunity to combine the best of the past and the best of technological innovation and embark on a journey into a world that serves everyone".

  • 1st Creativity Award

    • Winning Song "Kijanisha the Planet"

      The Beyond Foundation is pleased to present the 1st Creativity Award to the collaboration "Kijanisha the Planet", which was created by three artists from Tanzania and Canada. 

      "Kijanisha the Planet" which means "Regreen the Planet" is about the need to be aware of environmental destruction, but not to remain in shock and grief. The song is calling on you to take action to protect nature and do something about it.

      Congratulations to the team! They will receive 4,000 US dollars for their collaboration.

    • Involved Artists

      Nic Lagasse Composer/Performer/Engineer/Producer
      Msafiri Zawose Composer/Performer/Engineer/Producer
      Annakattoa Composer/Performer
    • Jury Statement

      We find the melody and rhythm stirring and the beat uplifting. Building up the song with more and more instruments creates a high energy. You feel the journey between Canada and Tanzania. We like the strong voices of Anna and Msafiri and the great performance of Nic. We feel the call that we all have to do something to change the world, and when we grab a shovel and plant seeds.