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Regula Curti, Founder

Regula was born into a musical Swiss family and received a versatile education at the Pedagogical University and the Zurich Conservatory. Later she completed her master's degree in music therapy. Her interest was always in the healing effect of music. From this source the Beyond Foundation, the SEESCHAU Centre for Yoga and Music Therapy as well as all Beyond album projects with Tina Turner and other world singers have emerged. Her Beyond albums are highly valued all over the world and have earned several gold and platinum awards. „Music has surrounded me my entire life. Through music I found healing, and through music I found a higher consciousness. From music’s gift came the desire to help everyone see similarities before differences.“

Konstanze Wiedemann, CEO & Founding Member

Konstanze studied law at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. She also worked as a journalist for various German magazines. After gaining experience in the legal departments of Bertelsmann Music Group in New York City and Munich and in the International Artist Development department of Arista Records in Nashville, she joined her father's law firm specializing in tax and inheritance law. The longing to do something in the field of music again led her to the Beyond Foundation eight years later. Regula and Konstanze had the visionary idea for Beyond Music in 2015. Since then, they have tirelessly pursued their dream of building a global community for artists to promote talent around the world, provide exceptional opportunities and drive positive social impact. "It is very fulfilling to see visions become reality. Beyond Music has the power to change people's consciousness, enable extraordinary connections, and create unique music."