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Through our high-end online platform, founded in 2018 by the non-profit Beyond Foundation and Tina Turner, we connect the dots of talent world-wide and bring together professional musicians, composers, singers and songwriters of all cultures and musical styles. We inspire them through the ability of exploring completely novel groupings of collaboration. Artists are given instant access to colleagues in some of the most far-fetched locations, using some of the most exotic musical instruments. The level of creativity and innovation puts audiences in awe. Beyond Music nominates among the most unusual music formations and provides annual prize awards of up to 80,000 US dollars. Moreover, the best pieces of music are being released on Beyond Music albums, under the guidance of some of the world´s most famous producers.

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Brand new single and music video Chand Ke Phool released today – new album Beyond Music Vol.3 will be out on June 17th.

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Out now: Hold Oss, the first single from our upcoming album Beyond Music Vol.3 - Conflict!

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The winners of our album Vol.3 have been chosen! Discover the artists and their compositions.

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We are thrilled to introduce the new producers for album Vol.3: Four-time Grammy Award winners Michael League & Bill Laurance

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Chand Ke Phool

Chand Ke Phool, which translates to "moon flowers", is a unique Indian/Andean cumbia song, written by Bijayashree Samal, Nic Legacy and Gonzalo Donoso Quiroga, with flute by Žofie Kašparová. It’s the second single from our upcoming album Beyond Music Vol.3 – Conflict. The song is inspired by the so-called giant-impact hypothesis. This theory suggests that earth and moon were once one planet that was broken into two by a monstrous collision with another planet. The hypothesis stands as a metaphor for how Pakistan and India were hit by great conspiracy, and therefore divided on the basis of religion. Chand Ke Phool states that at the core of all conflicts, there is a void, which can bring peace and prosperity if it’s filled with the sharing of love and care.

Listen to Chand Ke Phool at

Hold Oss

Hold Oss, the first single from our new album Beyond Music Vol.3 - Conflict, is an anthemic track bristling with compassion and strength. It addresses the dehumanization of refugees, challenging its listener to find the nameless and faceless refugee in themselves. Producers Michael League and Bill Laurance described Hold Oss as “a brilliant example of how less can be more” and praised its “powerful restraint and distinctive sonic palate”. The song is a collaboration between four artists from Norway and Turkey. It was written by Marthe Valle and Hussain Hajj. Gamze Yilmazel added guitar, Jens Kristian Rimau produced the track in parallel with Michael and Bill. Hold Oss is a moving call for unity among all people, no matter their background. So let’s play it loud and share it with the world!

Listen to Hold Oss at

Vol.2 Same Planet

Overrun by the 2020 virus pandemic, when artists around the world were suddenly isolated, we were able to make a special contribution with our album Vol.2 Same Planet. During a time when concerts and performance opportunities became impossible, Beyond Music empowered its artists to continue creating, collaborating, sharing and making new music. For Vol.2, we called for the most unusual collaborations across all borders and musical styles, with "songs for the planet" being the guiding theme. The result was overwhelming: 600 artists from all over the world submitted 193 pieces of music, 17 of which make up the album. The songs are as diverse as the artists on our platform: they are about climate change, the protection of our children and women, and a new awareness to interact with each other across borders.

Listen to Vol.2 at

Vol.1 Same Sky

The submissions for our first album were thematically based on the ideas of love, compassion and empathy, symbolizing "an axe for the frozen sea inside of us", as Franz Kafka put it. 110 collaborations were submitted for Vol.1, and with the help of the legendary, GRAMMY Award winning producer Larry Klein, ten songs were chosen to be featured on the album. 23 artists from 17 countries came together to write and perform these songs. Vol.1 is a human testimony to solidarity across borders and countries, born from open dialogue, innovative collaborations and respectful understanding. “Same Sky is not only a musical experience, it is a human experience too” says Danielle Eog Makedah, Vol.1 winner from Cameroon.

Listen to Vol.1 at

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Project Vol.3

Meet our producer team

It is with great pleasure that we present the musical masterminds behind this year's Beyond Music Project and the producers of the Beyond Music album Vol.3: Four-time Grammy Award winners Michael League and Bill Laurance. With their world-renowned, globetrotting, genre-defying ensemble Snarky Puppy, they have taken the world's concert halls by storm and once again won the Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album in 2021 with their work "Live at the Royal Albert Hall."

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Let’s connect to each other

Go beyond. Dive into the unknown. Connect with other artists, collaborate and create an original piece of music for the Beyond Music Vol.3. The world's music heritage is diverse, and so are we. In our diversity, we can find true innovation for a new musical dimension. Join us on an inspirational journey into worlds beyond!


Get to know our artists

With the impact of the virus pandemic, we are more at home than ever before. Thanks to our digital community, we can stay in touch with the outside world at all times and continue to collaborate. We asked our artists to introduce themselves and their homes and have created over 100 videos from their entries for you to watch.

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The evolution of Vol.1

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With a Little Help from Our Friends

A great diversity of musicians, music legends, producers, artists, and global innovators represent our ambassadors – they are encouraging musicians from all over the world to take the chance to collaborate and create unique music together!

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Tina Turner

"Become open to invite the beyond. Go beyond!"

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Herbert Grönemeyer

"Music is the strongest superfood for the soul. It heats, supports and lifts up."

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Robert Wilson

"Music is a spiritual side of man."

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Kareem Roustom

"Bringing together disparate cultures through music is my passion."

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Ivan Lins

“Music can do miracles - it can save, heal, bring people together, preserve or create peace.”

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"Music is the true diary of memories. Nothing is stronger."

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Idan Raichel

“Music tells you the story of where we all have come from.”

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Alita Moses

"Music is a beautiful tool and power with which lives are changed and barriers are broken."

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Kinan Azmeh

"Making music is an act of freedom and collaboration, and I love both."

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Rony Barrak

"Music is the one unique language that all people in our universe share."

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Chen Reiss

"The breath carries the soul.”

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Michael Dreyer

"Bringing cultures together with respect and knowledge is the gift of our time."

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Billy Childs

"I believe in music that invites the listener in."

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Amel Brahim-Djelloul

"Music is the expression of the unspeakable, the universal language of the human heart."

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Avi Avital

“In music, there can be no taboos”

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Christopher James

“Music is the rhythm of life and soundtrack to your imagination.”

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David Lang

"Music is the one place where all differences can fall away."

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Swami Jr.

“Music helps me to support the heavy weight of existence, it is a soul refuge.”

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Mari Boine

“It is one of the main challenges of the world today to combine the ancient and the modern.“

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Claus Reichstaller

„Music is sharing, not competition“

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Manfred Leuchter

"I love collecting elements from diverse music cultures and forming them into a unique style."

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Clive Deamer

"I do my utmost to make my contribution relevant."

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Constantine Orbelian

"I was simply in the right place at the right time when my particular skills were needed."

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Philip Giffin

“What’s the number one rule in music? There are no rules.”

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Martin Zenker

"In music and life I always try not to mix up confidence and ego. One is driven by trust, the other by greed."

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Beyond Foundation

Music is the language of Unity

Beyond Music is made possible by the Swiss non-profit Beyond Foundation, whose mission is to connect world cultures through music to promote intercultural understanding and dialogue. "The time has come to experience ethical values that reach beyond any culture or system of belief. Music is the universal language of unity." Regula Curti - Founder

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