The idea behind Beyond Music is one of pure creativity: Unite professional musicians, composers, singers and songwriters on a single online platform to connect and collaborate. Help them push through the boundaries of mainstream music and break through the confines of music industry standards. Artists will benefit from cross cultural collaboration and create entirely new genres of music. 

Beyond Music strives to contribute to creative compositions, innovative groups and bands, and to promote intercultural understanding.

What would have been difficult to achieve only a few years ago is now being made possible by modern technology: global musical collaboration without physical presence. Using the Beyond Music platform to connect, the most unusual groupings will be honoured every year at the Beyond Music Project.

Today, Beyond Music is a social networking platform and musical collaboration project. Beyond Music aspires to be the defining music platform for professional artists worldwide, for those who are highly successful and those just breaking through, who see the importance of the platform and are active users and contributors.

Beyond Platform

With the support of our celebrity Ambassadors, selected music producers and music executives, we are inviting musicians, composers, singers and songwriters of every genre from all over the world to register with Beyond Music and create a profile that gives them a secure, invitation-only online presence.

Users can select various tags to specify what kind of artists they are, which vocal techniques they use, what kind of instruments they play, which genres they are involved in, and what their cultural background is. They will also be able to upload their own music and link it to their profile.

Based on the tags they set, users can search for others and be found themselves. With the messaging function they can get in touch with each other, swap ideas and create unique compositions together.

asked Questions

  • Who is behind Beyond Music?

    Beyond Music is a non-commercial entity, made possible by the Swiss Beyond Foundation. Established in 2007, the Beyond Foundation is a non-profit organization supporting causes that unite world cultures through music. Our aim is to foster cross-cultural awareness, understanding and mutual respect with the help of creativity and dialog.

    The Executive Team of Beyond Music consists of Regula Curti, Founder, and Konstanze Wiedemann, CEO.

  • How do I register for Beyond Music?

    In order to register, you must have received a personalized invitation from Beyond Music. All invited users are recommendations from our Ambassadors, selected music producers and music managers.

    If you would like to apply for an invitation to Beyond Music and you are a professional musician, composer, singer and/or songwriter, please click here and tell us more about you as an artist.

    Young artists between the ages of 13 and 18 must provide written permission from a parent or guardian. A template can be downloaded when creating a profile. Once the signed document has been uploaded, the profile will become visible to other users. Instructions on how to upload the document are provided.

  • Does it cost anything to register?

    No, it is completely free to register.

  • Who can see my profile and music?

    Your profile can be viewed by other registered users, our Beyond Music Ambassadors and by selected music producers and music executives. Once you have submitted a composition for the Beyond Music Project, a condensed version of your profile can also be viewed by the voting public. 

  • How is my data protected?

    Protecting your data is very important to us. Please have a look at our

  • How do I find artists and their music?

    The filter feature under the menu item Artists allows you to search for artists according to their instruments, vocals, cultural background and genre. All of these filters are tags, which are set by the users themselves. You can choose to have the search results shown in a list view or on a world map, which includes short profiles and links to audio samples.

  • How can I connect with other artists?

    Connecting is easy. Simply send them a message using the chat feature on the artist’s profile.

  • Who can I contact in case of technical problems?

    Please contact the Beyond Music team by using the contact form or write to info@beyondmusic.org.

  • How can I report potentially prohibited content or other violations?

    If you find any prohibited music content, other violations or suspicious activity, please contact the Beyond Music team by using the contact form or write to info@beyondmusic.org.