KiKi Nam Nam


First and most important is the song. It's always about the song, its story, its message.
I am a storyteller. I write, I sing and compose music. Music is like the only way for me to express myself and the only true way to be me. Through music I can be weak, strong, direct, straightforward and courageous. And I think it's the only way to change the world.
Writing songs is the best way for me to express my feelings. I love to experiment, to go explore new directions, to cross borders, to create new musical worlds.
I don't rest until I have found the perfect line, the perfect melody, the perfect wording, the perfect chorus. My heart beats for solid, catchy, humorous, emotional and meaningful pop songs. This is my way of expressing my respect and love for music. I'm really looking forward to meeting like-minded people here.
  • Adventure
  • Authenticity
  • Autonomy
  • Boldness
  • Challenge
  • Community
  • Compassion
  • Creativity
  • Curiosity
  • Fairness
  • Fame
  • Fun
  • Growth
  • Honesty
  • Humor
  • Kindness
  • Learning
  • Listening
  • Love
  • Loyalty
  • Popularity
  • Power
  • Respect
  • Risk-taking
  • Self-Respect
  • Service
  • Success
  • Teamwork
  • Vision
  • Wealth
  • Wisdom
  • Bohemianism
  • Family life
  • Luxury lifestyle
  • Workoholic

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Cultural background

  • India
  • Switzerland


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