Malebo Mothema

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Polokwane, South Africa

Malebo Mothema hails from Makgodu, Limpopo, South Africa. Her style of music can be described as Pan-African, although strongly rooted in Sepedi culture. Her 2003 debut album, Growth in Africa (Universal Records was nominated for a SAMA award. Malebo's second album, Truly African (Universal, 2006), elaborated on the pan- African theme, blending different musical styles from all over Africa and the diaspora. This album also saw her expand deeper into Pedi grooves and lyrics. Malebo was also featured on American superstar Beyonce's remix of the song ”I Miss You” (Rhythms Del Mundo, Africa 2012). Malebo Mothema has also performed as a lead and backing vocalist for the Miriam Makeba Band, alongside Zenzi Makeba Lee, Dorothy Masuka, Abigail Kubeka. Malebo's lyrics encompasses messages of love, unity,tolerance, peace, pan-African solidarity, cultural awareness, encouragement, hope.

Cultural background

  • South Africa

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  • Creativity Award
  • Album Track

The song has a pop foundation with elements of African fusion, world music and blues. The message is clear: That we have to be the change we want to see. It starts with me and you. Through love for our fellow humans, for our planet and for all that dwells there in, we can heal our broken world. What are we leaving behind for our children? Let's wake up! Don't we think about the future? All the destruction, killing, hatred and wars needs to end in order for the world to survive. Love, compassion, and caring are the keys for the future.

  • African
  • Fusion
  • Pop
  • World
  • Background vocals
  • Singer
  • Vocal percussion
  • Electric piano
  • Fingerboard synthesizer
  • Bass guitar
  • Guitar
  • Djembe
  • Percussion
  • Rainstick
  • Sampler
  • South Africa

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