Knii lant3i


Knii Lant3i (born Emmanuel Lamptey-Mills) is a young guitarist, keyboardist and music producer from Accra, Ghana.

His ability to multitask in music groups has placed him among the most followed music makers in Accra at the moment. Knii’s progress has been steady while showing signs of excellence. For a young musician, he exhibits a wide range of playing styles that has earned him collaborations with different musicians from different countries, including Brazil, France, Holland, Canada, US, Togo and Benin.

He has been performing regularly with Kyekyeku as the second guitarist, keyboardist and backing vocalist for the last four years, adding depth and dimension to the project at performances in Accra, Abidjan and Zanzibar, as well as performing at various music festivals and venues in Europe.

He runs regular music production classes for young students at the Great Lamptey Mills School, which is owned by his father.

Cultural background

  • Ghana


Gaia Gaia
In Combining Afrobeat, Brazilian Samba rhythms and Ghanaian Highlife singing in Twi English and Portuguese, this tune explores cultural identities of places that the musicians are not all from but in many ways share similar environmental problems. ‘Gaia Gaia ‘is a realization of our situation as a society at this very moment, it is inspired by events in Brazil’s Amazon and Ghana’s Atewa as two of the rainforest areas where government policies are pushing the environment to harm and disaster. In Ghana, the government plans with Chinese companies to mine Bauxite in the last remaining rainforests where the source of water to millions of people starts. Culturally, this project explores the idea that cultural traits can as well be propagated by people who are not necessarily from a given culture; that the beauty and preservation of culture also depend on how far society would indulge and share in another’s culture. David Stauffacher and Conny Schneider, therefore, turned out to be the perfect collaborators. David (Swiss) spent time in Brazil assimilating the varied Rhythms performed all Brazilian percussions on the song with pinpoint Brazilian feel. Conny Schneider is German but lives in Africa for 5 years and with her trumpet and Saxophone provided an Afrobeat brass section precisely. The Ghanaian counterparts Checheku made sound design, acoustic Guitar, Bass and All vocals while Knii provided recording and post-production on the song.
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  • Brazil
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