Maurizio Grandinetti


Maurizio Grandinetti explored and extended in three decades of musical activities the boundaries of the guitar
• solo recitals with a broad repertoire
• premiered dozens of new works by renowned composers
• soloist with several orchestras
• specialized in performing on classical and electric guitars,

He composes music for the stage and chamber music.
  • Authenticity
  • Community
  • Creativity
  • Friendships
  • Honesty
  • Learning
  • Peace
  • Respect

Cultural background

  • Italy


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L'addio di Anna
“L’addio di Anna” is a nostalgic franco-italian stylized melody of a cinematic/theatric nature - somehow the love and bright sadness are always there :-). The three main melody players however are far from this places geographically - clarinet ,played by brilliant musician of Iranian origins , duduk from Armenia and harmonica (melodica) … maybe this one the closest - Russian Federation. All of them playing the melody and improvising in a very touching and convincing way - even though our languages and cultures are different - our feelings are of the same nature. It’s fully expressed here and I am sure you will love it.
555 votes
  • Instrumental
  • World
  • Piano
  • Synthesizer
  • Double Bass
  • Guitar
  • Drum machine
  • Clarinet
  • Duduk
  • Melodica
  • Armenia
  • Iran
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Russian Federation
  • Switzerland
  • Ukraine
Chilly Ahavati
"When you will get to my house To the melodies of my love I'll open my door for you ..I'll give you my heart " It is a love song that I wrote, describing the deep love between me and my soul who yearns to fulfill its destiny without fear and trust its way in this world. In the song I speak with my soul and the Creator about my journey as a singer in this world but can also be interpreted as a love song between a woman and her lover. When Sasha asked me to send him a song for the Beyond Music project, I immediately thought about this song, which for me symbolizes my deep love for singing and music and the deep gratitude that I feel for the privilege and ability to sing I was very excited by the wonderful musical arrangement of Sasha and the playing of all the great and talented musicians in the song and I would like to thank them and Beyond Music for the opportunity and privilege Thank you and sending my love, Sharon
549 votes
  • Fusion
  • World
  • Singer-songwriter
  • Electric organ
  • Electric piano
  • Acoustic guitar
  • Bass guitar
  • Electric guitar
  • Drum machine
  • India
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Russian Federation
  • Switzerland


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