The Beyond Music Project

Join the movement, unite and go Beyond

1. Collaboration Stage

Get to know professional musicians, composers, singers and songwriters from all over the world within the Beyond Music community and connect with them! Share your experiences and talk about possible collaborations! Work together and create an original piece of music based on the theme of the project (see below). Important: The collaboration should be developed by a minimum of three artists from at least two different cultural backgrounds, in accordance with the idea of Beyond Music "uniting cultures through music". Any genre and any combination of genres is welcome.


2. Submission Stage

During the submission stage, artists can upload their collaborative works to the platform. The submission stage goes from November 4, 2019 to September 10, 2020. Each of the collaborators involved in a piece must agree to the upload in order for it to be successfully submitted.


3. Voting Stage

From September 10 to October 1, 2020, the general public will be invited to select and vote for their favorite compositions. Everyone has one vote per track every 24 hours, but participants are not allowed to vote for their own pieces. At the end of the voting phase we will publish the list of the most popular tracks. The collaboration with the most votes will receive the Public Award worth up to 5,000 US dollars.

4. Song Selection and Album stage

As it will not be possible to invite to the workshop and the album recordings this year due to the virus pandemic, there will be no selection procedure of the Artistic Director that determines the pieces of music that will be professionally recorded. Instead, the winning music of the Creativity Awards and of the Public Award will form the Beyond Music album Vol. 2. The winning music pieces will be prepared for release by a Producer. Beyond Music will then upload the music titles to the most relevant download and streaming services both as individual tracks and as part of the Beyond Music Album Vol. 2. The songs and album will be marketed and distributed by Beyond Music. All revenues from the exploitation of the tracks will be paid out to the winning artist teams.

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5. Mentoring stage

Three fantastic artists build the Mentoring team for the Beyond Music Project Vol. 2: Elina Duni, Yaron Herman and Manu Katché. These outstanding artists are excited to share their experiences and knowledge with you. They will create video tutorials on topics such as improvisation, songwriting, production techniques and career development advice. They will provide expertise, tips, inspiration and insights. The video tutorials will be produced starting in September 2020 and are exclusively available to the Beyond Music community. The Mentors will also present the last nine Creativity Awards - each of them will select three collaborations they enjoyed the most.

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