"There is one efficient way uniting cultures: and that is Music. Music transcends cultural or language barriers."

Walter Werzowa

President, Founder Musikvergnuegen and HealthTunes

ambassador Beyond Music

Over the past two decades, Austrian born Walter Werzowa has been expanding upon a vision of creating sound and music that is at once memorable, unique and dynamic. Beginning with the creation of the original Intel audio signature, Werzowa has drawn upon his educational background in architecture and music to become one of the premier innovators in the field of branding.

Werzowa received a degree in Modern Electronic Music from the University of Vienna before attending the post-graduate program for film and television scoring at the University of Southern California. Werzowa spent a year scoring trailers for the Walt Disney Company. To better develop and realize his own audio aesthetic, Werzowa started building his cutting-edge studio, investing in the most current and innovative audio equipment. It was at that time that companies such as Intel, Lifetime Television, Buena Vista and Chevron approached him to create mnemonics that would strengthen the impression of their established graphic logos.

Assisting in branding strategies of a variety of companies has become one of Werzowa’s strongest fortes. By careful consideration of the individual needs and goals of each company, Werzowa begins with the creation of an audio signature that is fresh and meaningful and has validity and resonance for each specific corporation. Never afraid of combining sounds that lie outside the usual, established musical arena, Werzowa offers his clients carefully tailored sounds and approaches to their specific branding challenge – a branding solution built on consumer research, carefully constructed concepts and innovative thinking. It is not surprising, therefore, that his resume showcases a diverse selection of sounds created for a wide span of companies such as IBM, Intel, X-Box, Comedy Central, DTS, Budweiser, Sanyo, and Sierra Club.

Beyond the audio signature, Werzowa and his company, located in the heart of Hollywood, have assisted corporations in further branding explorations, including interactive soundscapes for IBM’s global e-business centers, Nokia’s multi-source audio exhibitions, and EDS trade show displays. His film scoring credits span from Spielberg’s “Minority Report,” to Wim Wender’s “8”, and Schwarzenegger’s “Eraser.”

He founded BEYOND a unique music and sound design library which Walter sold to BMG in 2014. The knowledge and funds he received through BEYOND started his latest venture HealthTunes.
HealthTunes is a streaming audio service created to improve your physical and mental health. Based on your condition, HealthTunes offers specific music and sound therapies, which reference evidence-based clinical research. Supervisors (Health Care Provider/Practitioner and Health Care Payor/Plan) create a therapy plan that schedules a precise music dosage and treatment length, and prescribe HealthTunes, just like medicine; we call it MusicMedicine.

HealthTunes built its proprietary Platform, which is endorsed and promoted by UCLA Medical.Walter was invited to present HealthTunes at Cannes Lions, and multiple international Health conventions. HealthTunes is a California non-profit, HealthTunes is free of charge for medical facilities and their patients to help foster a healthy community. HealthTunes is the only publicly available streaming service to pair research with active music links.


Professional Experience - QUALIFICATIONS:

Founder/CTO HealthTunes®
Bachelor in Architecture, Composition, Classical Guitar
Masters Psychology, USM
Film-scoring, Postgraduate USC,
Member of AFM, SAG, BMI, ASCAP, AKM and LSG
Chief Creative Director, Owner Musikvergnuegen, Inc Los Angeles
GM/Founder Music Beyond LLC, Worldwide (purchased by BMG)
Member of ASCINA, Honorable member of CCA



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