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21 August 2020

In memory of our artist Niza Simukonda

  • In memory of Niza

Dear Beyond Music family,

Unfortunately we have to give you the sad news that our highly esteemed artist Niza Simukonda from Zambia died at the age of 28 years due to complications after a dental operation. We are shocked and are struggling for words.

Niza was full of life and plans. Niza was an active member of Beyond Music and was involved in four collaborations for the Beyond Music Project Vol. 2, one of which recently won the Creativity Award. Everyone who worked with Niza knew his joyful and passionate personality. He was a highly gifted artist who had great success in his home country. Niza was the son on Zambian music legend Ackim Simukonda. He had a passion for playing the guitar just like his father and was regarded as one of the country’s smoothest vocalists.

In memory of Niza, we made a small film that we created from video material provided by one of his collaborators, Alex Wilson. Please have a look at it here.

We thank Alex for his constant support for his friend Niza. From their collaboration on Beyond Music a unique friendship had developed, across all borders.

We will all miss you very much, Niza! Rest in peace, dear friend.

With mournful regards,
Regula, Founder & Konstanze, CEO