If bodily love is `low,` and spiritual love is `above`, then why would we yearn to see, get close and caress our lover/beloved ones. Both Arabic and Kurdish lyrics center on the conflict of soul and body in love. It is a conflict of my Kurdish and Arabic cultutres. Marthe comes with her middle part as a mediator. To bridge between the cultures, and between the two aspects of love, the two parties of conflict. We cannot live alone, we need each other. In the last part there is a conflict beween Nahawand and Bayat maqams (musical scales).

  • Arabic
  • Improvisational
  • Jazz
  • Minimal
  • Religious / Spiritual
  • Traditional / Folk
  • World
  • Background vocals
  • Baritone
  • Singer
  • Singer-songwriter
  • Tenor
  • Piano
  • Baglama / Saz
  • Bouzouki
  • Ud / Oud
  • Norway
  • Syrian Arab Republic