Beautiful Earth
This is a love song for life on earth, with a hugely positive message and a profound meaning at its’ heart. As the lyrics say; ‘We’re bound together like a thousand prayers’. This upbeat song reminds us that love is the one universal truth, and that though we can get lost, we will find ‘ways to survive, new ways to thrive’.    The song was written when thinking deeply about how we cannot change systems with the approaches that produced them, and about how this time we are in is particularly challenging. The song proposes that if we all collectively really feel our love for every element of life on earth, from the beauty of nature, to our own sorrows and joys, and for our extraordinary diversity of people and life, it will ‘tune us up’ to more holistic actions and connections.  We included a powerful sample from a bbc interview with John Lennon in 1980 Where he says “we know that the power is in the people, we just need to awaken this power” . His words are still so resonant, with all the global protests and demonstrations about everything from anti racism to environmentalism. These protests are a way that love for the earth and all it’s people can be expressed.
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  • African
  • Funk
  • Fusion
  • Indie Pop
  • Pop
  • World
  • Singer-songwriter
  • Electric piano
  • Synthesizer
  • Drum set
  • Sampler
  • Argentina
  • Benin
  • United Kingdom