Musaik por Tanura
"Musaik por Tanura" is a real meltingpot of different styles and languages, composed by Christian Fotsch: The intro to "Tanura tari Ssassa" was originally composed as film music. The Iraqi dancer Assale Ibrahim later sparked the idea to evolve the song into a Tanura piece (whirling dance). Thus, an expedition through fragments of Armenian, Spanish, Arabian and Roma elements arose. In the lyrical Spanish part "Letra por Martinetes", Miguel develops the narrative of the Indian "Arai", who was born into a wealthy family clan, but who now prefers to live as a poor yet free gitano. In Romanes, Denis then poetically compares the countenance of his fair maiden with the bright shine of the moon. The last, uptempo part of the song explores in Spanish the exciting meanderings of courtship, and how to - finally - win over the heart of the beloved one. Daddou, the Egyptian singer, expresses with her wonderfully ornamented singing unconditional love.
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