Mambo mambo - Msafiri Zawose (Masta Luminary remix)
Through my musical journey I have had the chance to meet amaizing artists and collaborate with them, back in 2014 I met Msafiri Zawose a very multi-talented musician, while he was in Kenya I had the chance to remix one of his tracks Mambo Mambo which was an amazing experience for me n my music career and also collaborate with a legendary artist who comes from a family of legends. In this project I went out of my comfort zone and teaked some cowbells pitch to make melodies with them and some kalimba sound from which he had sent, blended with some Asian and African melodic, percussion sounds to give you a sweet sensation of East African music.
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  • African
  • Dance / EDM
  • A capella
  • Cowbell
  • Kalimba
  • Fujara
  • Zurna
  • Kenya