"Bees and Butterflies"
Danielle: With vocal improvised in studio on a sunny tropical afternoon, Bees and Buterflies is the story of a flower that sings her gratitude and love to life. The flower is thankful for the bees and butterflies that come to flirt with her, and for the sun and the stars that reflects their beauty on her. Bees and Butterflies is a joyous call to reconnection with nature and its vegetal reign. it is written in “bulu” language, which is a language and tribe from South Cameroon. Sasha: With this song I had a bliss.... The picture of sunny day outside in the fields of green grass and all the flies and bees and butterflies immediately came to an idea of sound imitation of this picture "Z-z-z" and "J-j-j..." and when the clearly defined music phrase came in - I've heard exactly the chords you can hear now as well... It's a beautiful, hopeful and very brightening ode to life in all it's little and big forms, and the joy of being, and... being grateful to our beautiful "mother earth" that provides us with all that.
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  • African
  • Fusion
  • World
  • Singer-songwriter
  • Piano
  • Synthesizer
  • Cameroon
  • Israel
  • Russian Federation