Brave, Strong, Bold
Brave, Strong, Bold is a motivational song. The song is dedicated to every creative all over the world. It extends to everyone feeling short on courage and urges the listener to take on life without fear despite the existence of challenges, detractors and doubters. It indulges one to stay on their journey and endure the process by keeping their focus on the prize. This song has a cinematic feel and heavy hitting drumation with a dark bass synth. As the third of our Collaboration, Myself, Akwasi Marley and Collekta decided to create something for creatives like us to inspire our community who is often susceptible to depression, anxiety and timidity as a result of the immense pressure that comes with being a creatibve. My verse had a fragile delivery on the vocals to depict uncertainty and bemusement. Akwasi Marley comes in with an aggressive delivery to depict anger and confidence. Collekta of course playing the important role as co-producer in recording Akwasi Marley and guiding me through the mixdown. Personally I was proudest of this collaboration as I considered it one of the best I've been involved in and I can say without any doubt that the feeling is mutual among the other collaborators in this project.
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