SAKALA BANA PHOOL - Celebrating Spring
'Sakal Bana Phul' is a Sufi song/ Sufi Kalam written by the 13th century Sufi and mystic poet Amir Khushrow. The song celebrates the arrival of Spring (Basant) on planet earth and also describes the longing of a lover in this season. It is said that one day, the poet saw a group of women dressed up in bright yellow Sarees, carrying bright mustard flowers were singing with utmost joy. Upon asking the women replied that they are dancing to celebrate the arrival of spring and are on their way to offer flowers to the goddess in the nearest temple. This inspired Amir Khushrow to write this poetry/ Sufi Kalam for his spiritual master Hazrat Nizamuddin ( one of the most famous Sufis on the Indian subcontinent and worshiped by all religions across India) to make him happy who was mourning the death of his sister's son. Hazat Nizamuddin was much amused to see his disciple dressing up in a yellow Saree, carrying lot of mustard flowers and singing for him and could finally break in to a smile after long. So every year, arrival of spring was celebrated through Basant Panchmi at Hazrat Nizamuddin as well as in all parts of India. I have composed 'Sakala Bana Phool' the way I connect with the philosophy of behind the song. I am so happy the way Sasha arranged it. We both wish and hope, you all like it and the song really touches all your hearts. Let the music connects and serve the greater purpose of human existence. Thanks and regards, Bijayashree and Sasha
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