Rainy Days

Bi: Even if our planet's surface is covered with 97 percent of water, we can't drink it as it is salty. So 'Rain' is the most important factor to keep life on earth. But due to pollution caused by modern life have affected the rainfall and water cycle. The arrival of Rain has always been celebrated. People dance and sing to welcome the Monsoon. There is an outcry for Rain water harvesting which precisely means to conserve Rain for future use. Our Song 'Rainy Days' celebrates the joy of rain on planet Earth and talks to value its importance.

  • Electronic
  • Fusion
  • Hip Hop / Rap
  • Indian
  • World
  • Rapping
  • Singer
  • Grand piano
  • Synthesizer
  • Sampler
  • India
  • Israel
  • Russian Federation
  • Tanzania