The Things That Matter
  • Creativity Award
  • Album Track

´The things that matter’ has at its heart the quote by Martin Luther King; ‘the world begins to end the day we are silent about the things that matter’. As the song then goes on to say, ‘our hearts can only mend, the day that we speak up about the things that matter’. It is ‘a call to arms’ for social justice and transformation on our planet, and a sorrowful lament for all the victims of injustice. The song was first created by Heather with space in the verses for Marshall and Juan to produce.

  • Ambient
  • Electronic
  • Minimal
  • Pop
  • Vocal
  • World
  • Singer-songwriter
  • Piano
  • Synthesizer
  • Drum machine
  • Sampler
  • Argentina
  • Nigeria
  • United Kingdom