Qatalo elkhayal.
Heidi: Nothing lives up to the natural grace and beauty of what the earth has to offer. Instead of honoring it, we, humans, have systematically eroded the wonders of our planet with greed, short sightedness and straying far from the soul of our existence - the earth and our connection to it. The beauty is so great, it is almost like a fantasy. In the middle of all the horrific erosion, even the fantasy is dead. We (as a race) have killed it. This song expressing the wish to revive it and breathe life back into the astonishing beauty of the earth. Sasha: This song was a "classical" type of collaboration: from the very beginning - just a direction stylistically, until very end - fully recorded and produced track, we shared every step in creation of it,"ping-ponging" material to each other with remarks, wishes and corrections...Listen to it. Enjoy it! take it with you "take away" ! ;-)
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  • Electronic
  • New Age
  • World
  • Singer
  • Soprano
  • Synthesizer
  • Sampler
  • Egypt
  • Israel
  • Russian Federation