Danielle: "Ngweha" (love in Bassa language) is basically an a capella song fruit of a total improvisation in studio. Realized in a process of free creation, where the harmonies were created and entangled as the inspiration went up, this song is an ode to the recognition of the need of love that resides in each one of us, this is a célébration of our natural ability to share that universal love with joy and abundance. Sasha: The hypnotizing, “shamanic” nature of Danielle’s song and her powerful voice inspired me for looking for special colors and unusual rhythmical patterns, in order to create “magic” supportive sonic environment. The song is minimalistic, so I carefully chose every part, not to distract focus form the “mantra”.
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  • African
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  • Singer-songwriter
  • Synthesizer
  • Cameroon
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