Madawa - Encontra a tua Raiz
Sina Ubi composed this song expressing the enormous concern for the new generations of Tanzania, who are increasingly lost in their inner path, becoming dependent on drugs and jeopardizing their true freedom. The lack of self-esteem and emotional health in such young generations has become a global scourge for a long time now, which does not allow us to preserve anything or anyone, not even ourselves.. It is here that we move away from our roots and our life mission, fighting violently against life itself. There is an urgent need for a manifestation in favor of Life with self-love, making the best use of our intelligence and learning to use the chemicals that our own body offers us, without additions. A Manifesto sung with one voice that will restore healthy conscience to every human being, since we are the living species that eventually could use more of that same conscience in favor of the defense and conservation of ourselves and all that nourishes us and feeds Life. Our Mother Earth! A global call!
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  • African
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  • Vocal
  • World
  • Contralto / Alto
  • Singer-songwriter
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  • Zeze / Tzetze / Dzendze
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