Aval Allah
"Aval Allah" is based on the poetry of Kabir a 14 th century Bhakti(celebration of love) poet from India . His poetry has remained a pillar of unification of people divided in religious , caste , sex based divisions etc . While leading a music workshop with school children on an organic farm tour to help them understand nature of organic farming , one of the students started singing Kabir . "Dheerey Dheerey Hey Manna Dheerey Sab kuch Hoye , Maali Seenchey Sau Ghada Ritu Aye Phal hoye" which means Slowly slowly o mind , slowly all things happen , the gardener sows seeds in 100 pots and the seasons come and plants grow and ripen . This aptly captures the nature of organic farming where things are in harmony with nature. This is the opening verse of the song. The Aval Allah is a very important prose of Kabir registered in Guru Granth Sahib of the Sikhs as well . He describes the universal light which unites us all and thus pointing there cant be any good or any bad or differences . Kabir was neither a hindu or muslim , his birth is shroud in mystery , he was a weaver and his music became very popular and still remains . With help of Beyond music we have carried the energy of Kabir across various different parts of world , Kazakhistan , Belgium and Switzerland . We have given it ,a beautiful modern interpretation to his poetry . The song is an invitation to grow and feel united in our various differences . Its apt for the time we are living in .
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