" Complaint " is calling people to hear the cries of Mother earth which is being destroyed by humans . The song is sensitizing people to take actions against the destruction of the environment . Sasha: 2 weesk ago Minah have contacted me with a positive reply to my collaboration proposition (after 3 month that my message waited in her mail box), and… I couldn’t believe we have enough time for creating something that will be up to my standards - I like to have time for experimenting and letting things “sink and settle” … So I said “maybe another time”… I was surprised, but Minah wrote me again, and I felt the voice of passion behind the funny English :) - she is a Malagasy and French speaking. So - we decided to give it a chance. … and I think it was worth it. You are to decide. :-) I love a particular color of her voice and so different from mine way of melodic thinking. It was very inspiring collaboration that left a “taste for more”.
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  • Electric piano
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