Water tale of Love
This piece have an entire philosophy underneath.Water, as an element , the only matter that connecting everything alive, as it’s present in all 3 (gas, hard matter and fluid) states everywhere.. More then that - as I believe (homeopathy principals ) that water have memory - it’s collected information about everything since it’s existence, that makes it the wisest and the most experienced element. And the message of it - love is the only way for everything.On a technical level in the piece - we have two “forces” in constant dialog : one, represented by piano ,is well structured, thoughtful , planned and calculated. Another (bouzouki) - is spontaneous, eruptive ,emotional and unstable. The interaction of this two creating the perfect balance - the ultimate solution for best outcome…The bright, “sunny” and colorful sound of bouzouki in hands of absolute master of it - Michael Paouris , made my dreams come thru , and now we have a product of two-way inspiration for your pleasure. Enjoy :)
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  • Bouzouki
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