Banyan Tree
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The banyan tree is a significant multicultural symbol. It appears in almost every world religion. Buddha is said to have sat under a banyan tree for seven days after he attained enlightenment. It is venerated in India and in Hinduism it is associated with the fulfillment of wishes. Banyan is mentioned in many scriptures as a tree of immortality and it is truly a cross-cultural link between us all. Our song features the voice of Sharon Ben-Zadok, who adds her own touch to the banyan tree story, singing in Hebrew as well as in English.

  • African
  • Electronic
  • Vocal
  • World
  • Contralto / Alto
  • Singer
  • Synthesizer
  • Jaw harp
  • Bass traverse flute
  • Transverse Flute
  • Traverse flute
  • Israel
  • Switzerland
  • Uganda
  • United States of America