Creativity Awards Vol.1

"Leave the road, take the trails" - Pythagoras

All Winners

  • 4th Creativity Award

    • Winning Song "Grace Of A God"

      The Beyond Foundation is happy to announce the 4th Creativity Award for the collaboration "Grace Of A God", an instrumental piece created by five artists from these cultural backgrounds: Denmark, Iran, Germany and the USA.

      The team of "Grace Of A God" has written the following words about their work: "Look at me and I’ll look at you. Listen to my heart and I’ll listen to your heart. Feel my pain and I’ll feel your pain. Show me your happiness and I’ll show you my happiness. Talk to me and I’ll talk to you. Remember my voice and I’ll remember your voice. We are no strangers. We are all one. Beyond music. Beyond borders."

      Congratulations to the collaboration of "Grace Of A God"! They will receive 4,000 US dollars for their joint work.

    • Involved Artists

      Bernitt Composer and performer.
      Shabnam Parvaresh Performer(Clarinet) and musical arrangement
      Michael Anetsberger Performer(Drums) and musical arrangement
      Darren Proctor Performer(Percussion) and musical arrangement
      Alexander McKenzie Performer(piano/keys) and musical arrangement
    • Jury Statement

      We like the way the message is translated into music. It is a truly beautiful piece with a great interaction between Andreas' violin, Shabnam's clarinet playing, Alexander's piano sounds, Michael's drums and Darren's percussion.

  • 3rd Creativity Award

    • Winning Song "Born Today"

      The Bexond Foundation is pleased to present the 3rd Creativity Award to the collaboration „Born Today“, created by four artists with these cultural backgrounds: Syria-Bosnia-Palestine, Ivory Coast, Greece and Switzerland.

      „Born Today“ relates to the refugee situation in all parts of the world. It tells about the courage the refugees need to open up to the new life situation and to find new love and new bonds. These people are born on the day they meet their new life with new dreams.

      The Beyond Foundation is happy for the team of „Born Today“. They will receive 4,000 US dollars for their collaboration.

    • Involved Artists

      Suad Bushnaq Composer, Orchestrator/Arranger, Piano, Lyricist, Producer
      Sandro Friedrich Bagpipes Performance
      Syssi Mananga Lead Vocal Performance
      Michael Paouris Bouzouki Performance and Improvisation
    • Jury Statement

      We find the rich sound of instrumentalization very touching, the tones from the different cultures, the beautiful interplay of bagpipes and bouzouki, coupled with the rousing African voice.

  • 2nd Creativity Award

    • Winning Song "Water"

      The Beyond Foundation has decided to present the 2nd Creativity Award to the collaboration "Water", which consists of artists from four countries: Congo, Kazakhstan, Switzerland and the USA.

      The piece „Water" transports a worldwide important theme. Water shortage is a bitter reality for one in six people. Without the number one food there would be no agriculture, no industry, no life. A person can survive four days without water. Water is beyond in all aspects and connects us all.

      Congratulations to the team! It will receive 4,000 US dollars.

    • Involved Artists

      Eduard Glumov Composed, produced, programmed, recorded, mixed and mastered, background vocals by Eduard Glumov
      Sheryl Gambo Vocals, Mboshi lyrics
    • Jury Statement

      The Beyond Foundation likes how metaphorically the song is written, the strong music, the choice of instrumentation and the beautiful voices.

  • 1st Creativity Award

    • Winning Song "Egyptian"

      With great pleasure the Beyond Foundation announces the winners of the 1st Creativity Award, the collaboration "Egyptian". 

      This piece of music is the creative result of four artists from different countries, cultures and styles, such as the composer from Russia, the rousing duduk player from Armenia, the beguiling vocalist from Egypt and the touching double bass player from Switzerland.

      We heartily congratulate. The team will receive 4,000 US dollars for their collaboration.

    • Involved Artists

      Sasha (Alexander) Shlain Composer, arranger, programmer, keyboards.
    • Jury Statement

      We like the episodic, through-composed sections that alternate with the improvisational sections. Although it is a long track, this undulation between specific structure and improvisation is captivating. The interweaving of musical traditions from different cultures succeeds very naturally.