09 November 2020

And the next Winners are...

Dear Beyond Music family,
It is our great pleasure today to present to you the nine Creativity Award winners selected by our Mentors Elina Duni, Yaron Herman and Manu Katché.
Our Mentors have put a lot of time and effort into their choices. They have listened to all 193 submissions from you, 30 of which were received at the very last moment before the end of the submission period. Each of your music pieces was considered and evaluated.
On this page you can see all winners and listen to the winning songs.
Our warmest congratulations to the winning teams! We are very happy with you.
One last winner for the Beyond Music Project Vol. 2 is still to come:
As promised, we will give a final Creativity Award to a collaboration of you instead of the cancelled Public Award. We will announce the winner next week.
With our then total of 16 Creativity Awards and a further Award, the Corona Special Award, we give away cash prizes worth more than 75,000 US dollars to over 80 artists this year. This fills us with great joy, and we hope that we can ease the difficult financial situation for many of you as artists.
Next week we will also provide you with all information for the making of the Beyond Music Album Vol. 2, so stay tuned!
Regarding your video submissions for the "Artists at Home" campaign, our film team will create a portrait of each of you who have sent in material and participated in the Beyond Music Project Vol. 2. Every week we will present three new artists here and on social media.
The Award winners of you, who have not sent in their material yet, please do so as soon as possible.
With warm regards,
Regula, Founder & Konstanze, CEO