15 July 2020

Unveiling your Mentors for Project Vol.2

Dear Beyond Music family,
Today we proudly reveal who is your Mentor for the Beyond Music Project Vol. 2!
And to make the joy even greater, we have not only selected one, but three Mentors for you: the incredible singer, songwriter & composer Elina Duni, the fabulous pianist & composer Yaron Herman and the legendary drummer, composer, arranger & producer Manu Katché!
These three outstanding artists are excited to share their experiences and knowledge with you. They will create video tutorials for you on topics that are of special interest to you, providing you with expertise, tips, inspiration and insights. The video tutorials will be produced starting in September and are exclusively available to the Beyond Music community.
To let us know what interests you most, please select your favorite topics on this short survey: Go to Survey 
The three mentors will also present the last nine Creativity Awards for this year, endowed with up to 5,000 US dollars for the team. This means that each of them will choose three submissions they find the most exciting. Elina, Yaron and Manu will listen to all your submissions and will choose from them. If you haven't already participated, please note that the submission phase will end on September 10, 2020.

Elina Duni

Singer, Songwriter & Composer

“Elina Duni’s voice is remarkable, for while it is crystal clear in its multilingual enunciation it is also intimate and expressive in tone.” Jazz Journal

Yaron Herman

Pianist & Composer
"Yaron Herman has become one of the most popular and most regarded pianists of his generation. His music transcends all genre boundaries. With his love of adventure he blurs all borders between jazz, pop and classical and manages to draw his audience into a world full of innovation, joy and seemingly inexhaustible energy." ACT

Manu Katché

Drummer, Composer, Arranger & Producer
"Manu Katché belongs to the 100 greatest drummers of all times. Instantly recognizable thanks to his nuanced splash cymbal work and stuttering beats, he provides West African pulse and trip-hop groove. He vacillates between reggae lite, a jazz break and some mid-Eighties hip-hop boom 'n' pound with the smoothness of a DJ." Rolling Stone

Here you can find all biographies of the Mentors.
We are looking forward with you to everything that we will experience together! And please do not forget to fill out the survey, here again the link: Go to Survey

With warm regards,
Regula, Founder & Konstanze, CEO