21 December 2022

Creativity for the New Year

Dear Beyond Music family,

After four years of Beyond Music, 443 collaborations of you spanning the globe and three albums released, it's time to look back and resume our movement.

Cultural and social change is integral to Beyond Music's history and the driving force behind Regula's and Tina Turner's efforts to create a different consciousness in the world. We want to build on this gene of Beyond Music further and make big steps to open up new opportunities for you in the coming year.

We will soon reveal more details that will help us make Beyond Music and its artists heard around the world.

In the meantime, we wish you a happy holiday season and all the best for the New Year with a quote from Bob Dylan about creativity:

"When we´re inventing something, we´re more vulnerable than we´ll ever be. Eating and sleeping mean nothing. We´re in ’Splendid Isolation’, like in the Warren Zevon song: the world of self. Georgia O´Keeffe alone in the desert. To be creative you´ve got to be unsociable and tight assed. Not necessarily violent and ugly, just unfriendly and distracted. You’re self-sufficient and you stay focused."

With warm regards,
Regula & Konstanze