15 May 2020

Let’s stay creative! A letter from Beyond Music

Dear All,

In these difficult times, as the world shuts down under the threat of the Corona pandemic, we´re proud to have established a network for all musicians out there to fall back on. It’s literally the moment for our claim: No borders for Music. No borders for any kind of musical expression and no borders for the connection we share with one another on the internet.
As you might already expect, we can’t meet this year the way we all would like to. Worldwide restrictions make it still impossible to plan travels ahead of time. No one knows how long this will last, but this crisis will not win. We won’t give up our hope and trust in this community. We will grow and embrace our values through our most needed quality: Solidarity.
Solidarity between us, a solidarity in between the artists, solidarity for the planet and the nature we cherish. This is not the right time for competition. Artists worldwide go through difficult times. We cannot travel to meet our audiences, show our talents on stage and express our feelings. That’s hard for all of you, and it´s hard for those who need the catharsis of your music.
Therefore we thought a lot about the right answer to the crisis. We changed our rules to support more artists and more collaborations from now on. We are creating a new chatroom and implementing a file sharing system for your tracks.
Soon we will introduce a great Mentor and musician, who will provide you with video turorials, expertise, tips, inspiration and insights. Someone who reflects your artistry from an artist´s point of view. A highly acclaimed musician, who will help you. Now we need your help too. Form and content is like one body, we are shaping “Beyond Music” together.
We will present all changes in detail next week and there are even more ideas to come. We take stay at home as a chance to improve our mission, to connect musicians and make their great art visible to the world.
A last word from my heart: Although I feel a deep sorrow for not meeting you personal, I’m sure we will meet again - for the shine in our eyes. Meanwhile, let’s connect to each other, let’s reflect our roots, let´s breathe the silence, let’s stay creative,
let´s grow.

Regula Curti, Founder