17 June 2022

New album Beyond Music Vol.3 - Conflict is out now

Dear Beyond Music family, 

The wait is over: Our new album Beyond Music Vol.3 - Conflict has arrived. It’s out today, along with the new single There Must Be A Better Way and a new video.

You can listen to the album here and watch the video here.

Our Vol.3 album was created over the period of a little more than a year. In May of last year, we invited our artists to form unique collaborations, create innovative music together, and then submit it to Beyond Music. 

Within four and a half months, we received 140 pieces of music from 850 artists of 54 countries. 16 of these songs were then selected and newly produced by four-time GRAMMY Award winners Michael League and Bill Laurance of the fusion collective Snarky Puppy.

The theme of the album is ‘conflict’, and it is exciting to see how differently the community interpreted it. Topics within the songs include the international refugee crisis, problems associated with global warming, but also internal and rather personal conflicts. 

Michael League about Vol.3:

“Producing Vol.3 was a labor of love. To see such a wide spectrum of interpretations of the theme ‘conflict’ was a real joy, and it was hard narrowing the tracklist down to the 16 album tracks. The sheer amount of diversity within the 140 submitted pieces is beautiful, and it’s fantastic to see collaborations take place across continents. We’re proud to have created an album that’s both diverse and cohesive at the same time.”

In addition to the album, we would also like to highlight the single There Must Be A Better Way today.

Here you can listen to There Must Be A Better Way.

It’s a song about finding a better way to exist, having explored all the dead end roads in one's life. It's about finding peace and meaning in the consequences of chaos and suffering, about learning from the mistakes we make and about paving the way for more compassionate and intuitive choices for ourselves and the world. 

Bill Laurance about There Must Be A Better Way:

“This is a song presenting simple elements used in complex ways. It’s a really hard balance to strike in writing, but There Must Be A Better Way does it effortlessly. It uses unconventional phrases, which give it a certain fluidity that makes it sound understated and very comfortable in its own skin.”

We are so happy to finally share this exceptional collection of songs with you. Here’s to going beyond together, uniting cultures and making a change together. That is what Beyond Music Vol.3 - Conflict stands for, and we hope you love it as much as we do. Share it with your loved ones, share it with the world. We’re looking forward to continuing to create outstanding new music with you. Thank you to each member of our Beyond Music family!

With warm regards,
Regula & Konstanze