20 May 2022

New single & music video Chand Ke Phool out now

Dear Beyond Music family,

Today we are happy to announce the release date of our new album: Beyond Music Vol.3 - Conflict will be out on June 17th!

To celebrate, our 2nd single Chand Ke Phool was released today along with a brand new music video.

Watch the music video here and listen to Chand Ke Phool here.

Chand Ke Phool, which translates to "moon flowers", is a unique Indian/Andean cumbia song, written by Bijayashree Samal, Nic Legacy and Gonzalo Donoso Quiroga, with flute by Žofie Kašparová. The song is inspired by the hypothesis of a giant impact: That earth and moon were once one planet that was broken into two by a monstrous collision with another planet. This hypothesis stands as a metaphor for how Pakistan and India were hit by great conspiracy, and therefore divided because of religion. At the core of all conflicts, there is a void, which can bring peace and prosperity if it’s filled with the sharing of love and care.

Michael League and Bill Laurance about Chand Ke Phool:
“One of the most instantly recognizable songs of the bunch, Chand Ke Phool grabs you from the first second and takes you away in its playful, bouncy flow. The interaction between the vocal and flutes provides a feathery bed in the high end that makes this one feel like a dream. The blend of Indian and South American traditions is fascinating here. It's an earworm for sure.”

The album Beyond Music Vol.3 - Conflict can be pre-ordered and pre-saved now.

Let’s celebrate together by playing and dancing to Chand Ke Phool.

With warm regards,
Regula & Konstanze