10 June 2022

3rd single Wororo and new music video out now

Dear Beyond Music family,

Today we are thrilled to share another single with you before our Beyond Music album Vol.3 will be released on June 17th: Wororo and the new music video are out now!

You can stream the song here and watch the music video here.

Wororo is a psychedelic-funky fusion of afrobeat and jazz music, describing the modern obsession with material wealth and living the easy life. This urge is often developed at a young age, when we’re presented with ideals we think we have to achieve in order to be happy. Wororo was written by Fatime Songoro from Hungary, Makadem from Kenya, Msafiri Zawose from Tanzania, Nic Legacy from Canada and Tefo Mahola from South Africa. It features lyrics in four languages: Swahili, English, Hungarian and Xhosa. What unites these five artists is their approach to challenging the listener to see beyond their superficial desires and appreciate what they already have. 

With a cello, viola and two violins, the track also features a string arrangement from the highly-acclaimed Columbian composer and Beyond Music member Juan Andrés Ospina.

Michael League and Bill Laurance about Wororo: 
“Our heads were bobbing from the first bar of Wororo. Rhythm reigns supreme here, both in the wonderful performance from the rhythm section and in the vocal parts, which invite the listener to join in on the chorus instantly. We were both big fans of the lo-fi, gritty bass and drum sounds, as well as the fluttery synth parts, giving Wororo a striking push in a non-conventional direction"

We couldn’t think of a catchier song to get ready for our Vol.3 album. Let Wororo bop your heads and guide you into a great weekend!

With warm regards,
Regula & Konstanze