05 June 2020

Presenting the 4th and 5th Creativity Award winners

Dear Beyond Music family,

It is with great pleasure that we announce the winners of the next two Creativity Awards from the Beyond Music Project Vol. 2:

The 4th Creativity Award will be given to the song "Dreamer", which was created by the three artists Randy'd'dawn from Tanzania, Sasha Shlain from Russia/Switzerland and Andreas Bernitt from Denmark.

We find this collaboration very inspiring. The artists have ventured to combine classical instrumental and electronic sounds with modern Hip Hop/Rap. Africa meets Europe with the stirring message "a cry for the children and youth of planet earth". A hypnotic refrain, spoken like a mantra, hammers into our consciousness: "Everything that you can do in your heart, you can do... What does it take to be a dreamer?". The lyrics hit the nerve of the theme, provoking and injecting a sense of urgency in contrast to a quiet sound carpet of improvised violin and piano pieces. You can listen to the collaboration here.

Many congratulations for winning the Creativity Award! Each artist will receive 1,000 US dollars for their contribution.

We are happy to present the 5th Creativity Award for the song "Sí ndôn". Six artists have collaborated in a vocal and instrumental virtuoso manner: Jean Louis Mbe from Cameroon, Ueli Gasser from Switzerland, Conny Schneider from Germany/Senegal, Bibiane Sadey from Cameroon, Ben Bossambo from Cameroon and Francis MBE from Cameroon.

We are excited about this collaboration. The song is about a dialogue between God and the human being. The divine, omnipresent power that protects our planet is honoured with distinctive gospel elements, combined with Rock and Pop: "What would life on Earth looks like without you Lord?" The song is performed in Ewondo, the language of Cameroon, which enchants with its melodic character. The rhythm is very moving and invites you to dance. The saxophone and trumpet tones run like fanfares through the music piece. In the middle part a powerful guitar is convincing. You can listen to the collaboration here.

We warmly congratulate the artists for winning the Creativity Award. The Beyond Foundation will award 5,000 US dollars for the team.

We will be giving out more Awards with prize money up to 5,000 US dollars: per team member 1,000 US dollars up to a group size of 5 artists. If there are more than 5 artists, the maximum prize money of 5,000 US dollar per award will be shared by all team members.

We are looking forward to your submission! For each presentation of an award, all submissions, including earlier ones, will be considered.

Thank you for your wonderful creativity and your team spirit, which inspires us every day.

With warm regards,
Regula, Founder & Konstanze, CEO