11 February 2020

Winning team of the 1st Creativity Award

Dear Beyond Music family,

The time has come to announce the winner of the 1st Creativity Award of the Beyond Music Project Vol. 2: We congratulate the team of the song "Kijanisha the Planet (Regreen the Planet)"! Listen to it here.

The song is a vibrant collaboration between Anna Kattoa from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Nic Lagasse from Vancouver, Canada and Msafiri Zawose from Bagamoyo, Tanzania. The trio wrote the following about their piece of music: "This song is a call to reconnect with nature and regreen the planet. The lyrics speak of dire environmental issues, but the music will make you want to dance. There's no need to sit around being sad about the world - grab a shovel, plant a seed and groove! The roots of the composition are Msafiri Zawose and Anna Kattoa's vocals. The song then travelled back and forth between Tanzania and Canada as more instruments were added, growing slowly and steadily like a tree."

So let's grab a shovel and start greening the planet! The winning team will receive 4,000 US dollars for their collaboration.

Many thanks to all the other submissions, which we received with joy. Your chances of winning one of the next Creativity Awards are still up. From now on we will be presenting a Creativity Award every month, the next one in March.

Be creative, try extraordinary collaborations, develop unique music and cross borders! Heal the planet!

A note for all new users: The Creativity Awards will be selected solely by the Beyond Foundation. This is independent of the selection of winning songs and artists for the workshop and album recordings in France.

We are looking forward to many more winners and are keeping our fingers crossed for all of you!

With warm regards,
Regula, Founder & Konstanze, CEO