12 August 2021

Submission period extended for album Vol.3

Dear Beyond Music family,

So many messages have reached us asking for an extension of the submission period for Vol.3. Today we can give you the good news that Michael League & Bill Laurance have agreed to your request! We are lucky that they have to postpone their follow-up project due to COVID travel difficulties and now have more time for us.

The submission period is thus extended until Sunday, 12th September at midnight CET.

We can't wait to hear your music! Thanks also to everyone who has submitted by today. We really appreciate your efforts.

Since we are welcoming so many new users, here is a quick overview of the rules:

  • The music pieces must deal with the musical theme "Conflict". Please see the introductory video by Michael League & Bill Laurance.
  • Your collaborations have to consist of at least three artists who are all members of Beyond Music. At least two of you must have a different cultural background, as the idea of Beyond Music is to "connect cultures through music". 
  • Check out our artist world map for suitable collaboration partners. And let us know if you would like to invite artist friends of yours who fit Beyond Music.
  • Each of you can be involved in a total of four submissions, as the same team you can submit three different pieces of music.

Here you can find all the information again. Please get in touch if you have any further questions.

Now we wish you a great closing of Project Vol.3! Michael & Bill can't wait to work with you.

With warm regards,
Regula & Konstanze