10 August 2023

We bring the Star-Producer

Dear Beyond Music Community,


Let us present the exclusive producer of your song collaboration with Wiyaala: DODO.

Dominik Jud, aka Dodo, is an award-winning Swiss artist and hit producer with a strong connection to the African continent and its myriad music styles.

Renowned for his collaborations with artists of various cultures and genres, Dodo has recorded much of his music in South Africa. His cosmopolitanism, openness, and creativity embody Beyond Music’s values through and through.

Born in Nairobi, Kenya, Dodo spent his early childhood in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. This experience deeply influenced him, marking his journey as a pioneer of dialect reggae. He’s a captivating performer whose music contains Caribbean and African sounds, as well as hip-hop.

Today, Dodo is best known as one of Switzerland's most successful pop producers, having discovered and championed numerous chart-topping musicians in Switzerland and beyond.

Through his actual musical project, his ambition is to connect artists from Africa with European audiences.

Recently, Dodo embarked on a journey from Basel, Switzerland, to the African continent. Equipped with a mobile recording studio, he met and recorded with a wide variety of artists in Cape Town, Accra and Abidjan, his former hometown.

During his stop in Ghana’s capital, Accra, Dodo was introduced to Wiyaala, also known as “the lioness of Africa,” and one of the biggest music performers in Ghana. The two decided to play a concert together; it proved to be a major success and will be broadcast on Swiss TV in the coming autumn.

It was clear to both, Dodo and Wiyaala, that their musical collaboration was just beginning. They recorded together for a new album project and met last April in Laax, Switzerland, for a second joint concert, “Dodo and friends”.

Beyond Music is pleased to have this fabulous duo on board.

Please welcome Dodo as the exclusive producer of your song collaboration with Wiyaala for our “Music for Social Change” album project.


The submission opens on 12th September 2023. Stay tuned on Instagram for more information about Vol.4.

With warm regards,
Konstanze & Regula