01 June 2022

Great press response in India for Chand Ke Phool

Tatkal, a leading news portal with a nation wide reach, reported about Chand Ke Phool and Bijayashree Samal in detail. Click here to read the article, or read the English translation below.

Tatkal wrote:

Listen to Chand Ke Phool by Bijayashree Samal, taken from the world music album Beyond Music Vol.3 - Conflict

Dr. Bijayashree Samal, a musician from Kendrapara, Odisha, who is well known abroad, has participated in the production of the international music album Beyond Music Vol.3 - Conflict, which will be released worldwide on June 17th. The album was produced by four-time GRAMMY Award winners Michael League and Bill Laurance, who are part of the well-known international music collective Snarky Puppy. Featuring a variety of musical styles, including jazz, funk, pop and world music, Vol.3 was performed by professional musicians from around the world. The album features Bijayashree Samal’s song Chand Ke Phool.

Michael League and Bill Laurance about Chand Ke Phool: 

One of the most instantly recognizable songs of the bunch, Chand Ke Phool grabs you from the first second and takes you away in its playful, bouncy flow. The interaction between the vocal and flutes provides a feathery bed in the high end that makes this one feel like a dream. The blend of Indian and South American traditions is fascinating here. It's an earworm for sure.”

In 2019, Hindustani classical singer Bijayashree Samal was invited to join Beyond Music. Beyond Music is a world-class music platform launched through the efforts of the Beyond Foundation and supported by world-famous singer Tina Turner and other renowned international artists. Each year, the platform organizes a global music competition under a specific musical theme, and established producers select the winners of the competition. These winners are then given the opportunity to be part of the Beyond Music album. 

A total of 140 songs by 850 professional musicians were submitted for the Beyond Music Vol.3 project. Michael League and Bill Laurence selected a total of 16 songs, of which Bijayashree (India), Nick Legacy (Canada), Žofie Kašparová (Sweden) and Gozub (Chile) were chosen with their contribution Chand Ke Phool.

Bijayashree is the first artist from Odisha to collaborate with some of the world's top award-winning artists in the field of music. This is a rare achievement indeed. In 2019, Bijayashree had also collaborated with multiple GRAMMY Award winner and producer Larry Klein and was part of the Beyond Music song Our Colors, which reached #1 on the US iTunes world music charts. The music video for the song was premiered by Billboard.

Besides music, Bijayashree has a PhD in chemistry and has been a university professor for several years. In recent years, she has worked in Switzerland.

We are very happy that Chand Ke Phool is being received so well in India. Thank you to Tatkal for spreading the word!

Click here to listen to the song and here to watch the music video.

The full album Beyond Music Vol.3 - Conflict is out on June 17th. Discover all the album winners by clicking here



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