19 July 2023

News for Vol.4, starting soon

Dear all,
Bring your song

The 21st century is still young but our global community is already facing a challenging and uncertain future.

Now more than ever, it is our time to take a stand with our talent, to go beyond music. We believe in the power of music as a universal language. We feel the need for a great movement of solidarity. We know the world can be unjust.

Our great mentor, Tina Turner, has always been an icon of feminism, self-empowerment, and spirituality - of all things beyond music. Her legacy of activism and fight for change speaks to the very heart of our foundation.

We at Beyond Music believe the seeds of social change grow from within. Only your unique experiences, feelings and struggles inspire the music you create. This is why we made Social Change the focus of our upcoming album.

The world wants to hear you, so be loud. Be bold. Let's move the world so that the world moves.

Stay tuned for more details. Follow us on Instagram to get the latest news.

With warm regards,
Konstanze & Regula