04 August 2023

We bring the Star - Part III

Dear Beyond Music Community,


Submit your song and get the chance to record it alongside WIYAALA.

The singer-songwriter Wiyaala is the personification of modern Africa: creative, brave, strong, beautiful. Her name literally translates to "the doer" in Sissala, her tribal language in which she sings alongside English, and perfectly describes her approach to life.

She is also an artist, designer, and natural athlete with a very distinctive androgynous image. At school, Wiyaala would often get called "man-woman" and be the first to lead the boys and girls into the bush for wild animal hunts.

The singer from Ghana is known for criticizing the male-dominated culture in her songs, particularly within the music industry, as well as the issue of domestic violence. Wiyaala also advocates for the education of young girls, championing schools over forced marriages. By unapologetically vocalizing her feminist stance, Wiyaala has captured the hearts of her many listeners.

Musically, Wiyaala imbues the pop genre with her amazing timbre, enriched by dancehall sounds and traditional West African beats.

Wiyaala, also known as "the young lioness of Africa", is an award-winning songstress, a courageous, even fearless female voice who uses her words and lyrics to communicate a message to a wide audience, particularly other women.

"If I am a [female] singer and act right, encouraging people to act right, a man sitting somewhere will give me the needed respect."

Beyond Music is proud to present Wiyaala as our third collaborating star.


We will start the submission phase on 12th September 2023. Check Instagram for daily updates.

With warm regards,
Konstanze & Regula