30 April 2020

Winners of the 3rd Creativity Award & additional Award

Dear Beyond Music family,

With great pleasure we announce the winners of the 3rd Creativity Award:

The winning song is "Meadow," which was created by the five artists Mariana Baraj from Argentina, Anat Porat from Israel, Environmentalist from Switzerland, Dyllann from Cameroon and David Stauffacher from Switzerland. Congratulations! The prize money for the team is 5,000 US dollars.

"Meadow" is a song that carries a clearly defined and deep message. The solo voices have a beautiful and understandable diction and radiate love for humanity, embedded in the background voices. The Caribbean rhythm is uplifting and gives hope. The music touches with the authenticity of the performers and their clear message. It is a simple song which has a great impact. It shows that less is more! You can listen to the song here.

Because so many wonderful submissions have been received, the Beyond Foundation is pleased to present an additional Corona Special Award in this challenging time for all artists. It is a true gift that we have each other, even though we have to stay at home at the moment, and that we can continue to work together so powerfully.

The winner is the song "Si Ghan" which is the result of the collaboration of these five artists: Elly Kellner from the Netherlands, Nezar Omran from Syria, Yuji Nakagawa from Japan, Bhoomitra from India and Dyllann from Cameroon. We are happy with you! The team will receive 5,000 US dollars as prize money.

"Si Ghan" has chosen the lovely child voice of the six-year-old Roos Marijn from the Netherlands as entry voice. She touches us deeply and takes us with her. The music covers a broad spectrum of the world from Japan, India, Africa, Syria to Europe. This song also captivates us with its simplicity, clear message, amazing voices, good rhythm, and the interaction of various instruments including the Sarangi, an original instrument used in India and Pakistan. You can listen to the song here.

The next Creativity Award will be presented at the beginning of June. Of course, all submissions, also earlier ones, will be considered for each award.

Thanks again from our heart for your wonderful songs, which bring so much happiness.

Please stay in great spirits and good health!

With warm regards
Regula, Founder & Konstanze, CEO